We gave our time to help LIOS bikes. Founded by Steve McCully, a former marine injured on duty in Afghanistan, LIOS is a manufacturer of bespoke bicycles designed for individuals based on the experiences Steve had during his rehabilitation.

We worked with him to put the LIOS story into a media friendly form.

To coincide with the visuals of a pop up shop opening we secured coverage from BBC London where the news item played all day on bulletins as well as the London Evening Standard.

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I launched LIOS Bikes, my custom carbon bicycle building business, at Sheridan & Co in Marylebone in mid-August 2013. I was keen to launch the brand to the London market, but did not have significant financial resources to create a large campaign. I was introduced to Christian of Vetch Mahne and he put together an excellent PR package for my launch, which culminated with a three and a half minute piece on BBC London evening news. I can therefore highly recommend Christian, as I have no doubt he will be able to enhance your business reputation.”

Steve, Lios Bikes

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