Vetch Mahne is the FCA’s video production partner. creating media used by their Board, staff, the public and industry stakeholders.

Highlights of our recent work for the FCA includes:

TRAINING – Producing, writing, directing and filming a model interview training film for the Financial Crime Investigation division. This involved commissioning a script and hiring a complete theatrical team including screen writer, director, actors and production staff.

PUBLIC INFORMATION – For the Consumer Communications team we have produced a series of public information films and case studies for the FCA website to educate consumers on key areas of the FCA’s work. These can be seen HERE [click link to video pages]

INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS – We were involved in the transition from FSA to FCA and created, filmed and edited a change management film featuring the Chief Executive Martin Wheatley and his Executive Committee. This was shown to all staff to inform them about the new mission for the organisation on day one. From this we also edited an accompanying induction video played to new joiners.

BOARD BRIEFING – we created a video documentary for the FCA board on emerging financial technologies, utilising interviews with external industry experts and state of the art graphics to illustrate complex financial trends.

ANNUAL REVIEWS – working with the communications division to create a annual highlights package showcasing their coverage and achievements.

CONFERENCES – Filmed conference inserts for participants who cannot attend in person, but need to be represented. Capturing keynote speakers as they leave the stage for incorporation into a watch again highlights package.

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