Vetch Mahne has been creating a media profile for management consultants Boxwood in the specialist press since 2012.

Operating across a number of different sectors including infrastructure, retail, transport and utilities we have introduced them to key journalists, commissioned opinion and thought leadership articles as well as adapting their existing research for media purposes.

As consultants, Boxwood often work behind the scenes, Vetch Mahne‚Äôs PR strategy has brought Boxwood’s award winning work to the attention of prospective clients and the wider industry in a considered and measured way reflecting the core values of the organisation.

Boxwood was acquired by KPMG in June 2015 and we continue to act for them.

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Lindsay and Christian clearly know their stuff when it comes to the world of PR and media but somehow they also manage to be sufficiently abreast of issues in a variety of industry sectors such that they can also meaningfully grapple with a wide range of subject matters as well. They approach their work with tenacity, enthusiasm and a genuine interest that is infectious and energising. It is always a pleasure working with them.”

Toby Ashong, Director and Head of Infrastructure, Boxwood

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